miss atomic bomb

I am a cathedral of deadbolts
and I’d rather burn myself down
than change the locks. -Rachel McKibbens

my itouch is seriously about to just give out and once it does there goes my music, texting friends, tumblr, etc and i really really need those things (especially texting)

but like i can’t rush my parents into getting me a phone but wow so much anxiety bc if the itouch dies before i get a phone, i can’t get homework help or talk to madison when i feel like shit or just stay connected to important things

but oh my god if i try to get my dad to get me one this week he’ll probably scream at me and he’s already so mad that my room is messy and god just thinking about it makes me want to cry i wish he didn’t yell so much and i have so much homework fml



Maybe the real Communism is the friends you make on the way

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i’m so anxious about school and my dad and getting a phone and everything feels so out of control and i can’t stop it

and i have never had a good phone ever and for the first time, at 16, i ask for an iphone because i genuinely feel that i need one at this point

and that’s way too much to ask apparently like oh my god i know how much my parents make and i know that we’ve been able to afford this for a long time but i’ve never asked because i respected that my parents wanted to spend that money on other things

but i need one at this point and it’s frustrating because my dad is so reluctant to let me get one

i want to cry, everything is too much and i can’t handle it all


This is so cool put in your url or your friends and it gives an mbti personality type based on your blog.

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